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Yan Taro Project feeds more than 500 during the Month of Blessings!

As the beautiful month of Ramadan graced the Gambia, so did the support for orphans, widows and needy families. Volunteers and staffed worked around the clock to fill the needs of the hungry. The team gathered over 300 pounds of rice, oil. vegetables and staple foods to pack into "Barakah Boxes" for families and individuals not able to make ends meet.

They gathered in large crowds and waited with smiles of anitcipation for their number to be called. Once, they were called and received the food aid, nothing remained in their eyes except gratitude and prayers for the donators. Many returned to their homes saying"I must go quickly for this is our meal for tonight".

Prophet Muhammad reminded us, "That whoever sleeps while his neighbor is hungry is not from me." Alhamdulillah, many worked hard and sponsored entire commuities seeking the blessings of Ramadan and a chance to be witth the Prophet (peace be upon him) in Jennah.

Donate today to sponsor an Orphan, feed a needy family or help a widow for less than $2 a day.

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